05 April 2009


First, thanks to everyone who voted (which includes 0 people).  I have decided that the money will go to storage of various types for the sewing room.  

Next, pictures of one of the quilts that has been completed.  This went to my brother-in-law Patrick and his wife Maria, who are expecting a baby (boy) in July.  It went with my mother-in-law this weekend, and from what I hear, they love it.  I love it too. 

It's just the top. I didn't take any pictures of the finished one, like an idiot.  But that's ok.  Maybe I'll ask them to take one when they get the chance.  

Also, a sneak peak at the next project for a friend('s baby).  I'm really liking it so far.  Thanks J.M. for the help picking out the fabrics, I think they're going to work perfectly.


Green and yellow will also be making an appearance.  I'm trying out this pattern, a no triangle zig zag.  Since I'm a total failure when it comes to zigzags.  

I'm also hoping to have a bag ready to go by the time the day is done.  Check for it in the shop.

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