23 March 2009


I had a semi-productive weekend. I completed two bags for the shop:

I think they turned out rather well. The first one has no interfacing, but I really prefer the extra bit of structure that some medium weight interfacing gives, so I used that on the second bag. The second is definitely my favorite. That might also have to do with the Vintage Dots print.

I'm trying to really use up what I have before buying too many new things (though I did buy some Jay McCarroll fabric last week). I have enough to probably make 5 more bags without really buying anything else.

In non-shop news, I am almost finished with my sisters bag, photos coming soon. I think it's a bit large, and it is not perfect, but it was a tricky, and new, style for me. It isn't bad though. I've also started on a dress for her. I'm not sure how difficult it will be. I started last night when I was tired, but I think that since it is a new thing to me, and requires some precision, I should do it when I'm more alert!

The commissioned quilt is in the hand sewing the binding phase, and will be done soon!

As a side note, this sewing as a second job thing is a great way to get out of housework!

20 March 2009

Here we go.

Yesterday, our first item in the shop sold! Very exciting. It gives new impetus to really get things done.

In the line up, as I've already discussed are a few projects. I'm letting the quilt for the family member rest for a bit. I really love it, and thus, really love working on it, but I've got a few months before it needs to be done, and more pressing work to be finished.

So, on tap: three tote bags this weekend, and up in the shop by Monday. For real. And to get the pink and white quilt finished, or at least get the binding attached so I can work on the hand sewing portion next week.

I'm not going to go into anymore lists. These things are more than enough to keep me occupied. And I must remember that this sewing thing is a job, that will potentially bring money in, so it is important to do it. It is not wasting time. I think I'll run by Joann's after work to get a few things for the bags, and then that's it.

Oh. And I also bought some adorable fun fabric to make some bags. They may be a bit off the beaten path, but are absolutely adorable, and voted for by a couple of people in a private poll.

19 March 2009

Spring Break Happenings

Things have been happening. I had three days off in a row for spring break (and a furlough day) and spent much of that time quilting and sewing. I should have been doing all those other things I meant to do, like clean up the yard, wash the windows, scrub the floors. I didn't though. I'm rationalizing it by saying that it was my vacation. And the weather was so crappy it didn't really put me in a happy, get to cleaning sort of mood. Oh yeah, and the part where my husband's car was broken into and his window was smashed. That really threw me off track.

Regardless, I did accomplish some things. Almost finished a quilt (just hand sewing the binding) for a family member (remaining vague here as to not ruin the suprise just in case). Finished a quilt top for a friend of the sister (that I'm getting paid for!). Halfway done with a tricky bag for my sister. And. Hm. It seemed like more when I was doing it. Though I guess these things take time. That and I didn't sit home all day every day and sew.

And, in really exciting news, the other half of two clever girls posted a couple of items in our shop. We're up and running! Check it out in the sidebar!

One other thing. I'm venturing into the world of sewing clothing. I picked up this book, Weekend Sewing, which I may have mentioned before, and have purchased fabric to attempt a dress/beach cover up for my sister. I'm a little nervous, but excited that it might work out. I hope she likes the fabric I picked out.

06 March 2009

Tedious, for sure

So, I was rather grumpy last night, and after laying out the pattern for my next quilt, I decided to attack that quilt that needs to come undone. I wasn't feeling much in the way of actually getting off my butt last night, so I parked myself on the sofa, with scissors, seam ripper, and mangled quilt, and began to pick.

It breaks down like this: I had only quilted about 1/4 of the quilt, if that. In about 3 hours of relatively constant picking, I maybe got through about 1/4 of that. It is time intensive, and super tedious. Not something I'm going to rush through, or strive to finish. It's that thing that's there when I need something to do with my hands, but don't really feel like doing anything. Or something to do to show that I'm not just a lazy bum who sits and watches tv. I'm actually doing something. The tv is just there in the background.

In other news, I'm thinking about revisiting crocheting. Not as a full time project, but as something to keep my hands busy, to take with me when I go somewhere. Sewing is not so portable (unless you feel like lugging a machine around), except maybe at the finishing stages. I've got a ton of yarn sitting in the basement. Who knows what might happen. Basically, my thinking is that I've unleashed this creative side of me, really released it, and have found a craft that I'm decent at, that I'm sticking with, that shows me, in a relatively short time frame, that I can in fact complete something worth completing. And now, when I'm sitting around with nothing to work on, it agitates me. So, the yarn will at least be a place holder when I can't take my sewing with me.

05 March 2009

I love quilting.

I really love quilting. Sure, some parts of it are tedious. Some take more precision than I have patience for. Like Roy G. Biv.

But I've completed 3 so far, in a relatively short amount of time. And they've turned out rather well. and the last 2 will be for sale. I'm somewhat reluctant to hope someone will actually buy them, but you never know.

I've got several more projects in the works, and should be able to nearly complete them with the things I already have. One to sell, for sure. Another one that is almost finished but my machine and I weren't getting along so I have to take out all the quilting and start over. A third for a baby on the way. One for myself, and maybe one more for someone special. I'm being intentionally vague here.

I think that while I love the free motion thing, I might try out a straight stitching technique and see how that goes, and I think that in certain circumstances, the structure of straight lines might be more fitting.

In non-quilting news, my mother bought this book for me last night. I'm going to try a few things out. Clothing is something I haven't done yet, but I'm excited to try. The thought being that if I can put together a whole quilt, shouldn't I be able to master a simple dress?