19 March 2009

Spring Break Happenings

Things have been happening. I had three days off in a row for spring break (and a furlough day) and spent much of that time quilting and sewing. I should have been doing all those other things I meant to do, like clean up the yard, wash the windows, scrub the floors. I didn't though. I'm rationalizing it by saying that it was my vacation. And the weather was so crappy it didn't really put me in a happy, get to cleaning sort of mood. Oh yeah, and the part where my husband's car was broken into and his window was smashed. That really threw me off track.

Regardless, I did accomplish some things. Almost finished a quilt (just hand sewing the binding) for a family member (remaining vague here as to not ruin the suprise just in case). Finished a quilt top for a friend of the sister (that I'm getting paid for!). Halfway done with a tricky bag for my sister. And. Hm. It seemed like more when I was doing it. Though I guess these things take time. That and I didn't sit home all day every day and sew.

And, in really exciting news, the other half of two clever girls posted a couple of items in our shop. We're up and running! Check it out in the sidebar!

One other thing. I'm venturing into the world of sewing clothing. I picked up this book, Weekend Sewing, which I may have mentioned before, and have purchased fabric to attempt a dress/beach cover up for my sister. I'm a little nervous, but excited that it might work out. I hope she likes the fabric I picked out.

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