23 March 2009


I had a semi-productive weekend. I completed two bags for the shop:

I think they turned out rather well. The first one has no interfacing, but I really prefer the extra bit of structure that some medium weight interfacing gives, so I used that on the second bag. The second is definitely my favorite. That might also have to do with the Vintage Dots print.

I'm trying to really use up what I have before buying too many new things (though I did buy some Jay McCarroll fabric last week). I have enough to probably make 5 more bags without really buying anything else.

In non-shop news, I am almost finished with my sisters bag, photos coming soon. I think it's a bit large, and it is not perfect, but it was a tricky, and new, style for me. It isn't bad though. I've also started on a dress for her. I'm not sure how difficult it will be. I started last night when I was tired, but I think that since it is a new thing to me, and requires some precision, I should do it when I'm more alert!

The commissioned quilt is in the hand sewing the binding phase, and will be done soon!

As a side note, this sewing as a second job thing is a great way to get out of housework!

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