05 April 2009


First, thanks to everyone who voted (which includes 0 people).  I have decided that the money will go to storage of various types for the sewing room.  

Next, pictures of one of the quilts that has been completed.  This went to my brother-in-law Patrick and his wife Maria, who are expecting a baby (boy) in July.  It went with my mother-in-law this weekend, and from what I hear, they love it.  I love it too. 

It's just the top. I didn't take any pictures of the finished one, like an idiot.  But that's ok.  Maybe I'll ask them to take one when they get the chance.  

Also, a sneak peak at the next project for a friend('s baby).  I'm really liking it so far.  Thanks J.M. for the help picking out the fabrics, I think they're going to work perfectly.


Green and yellow will also be making an appearance.  I'm trying out this pattern, a no triangle zig zag.  Since I'm a total failure when it comes to zigzags.  

I'm also hoping to have a bag ready to go by the time the day is done.  Check for it in the shop.

01 April 2009

Sewing, sewing, and more sewing.

Well, I think that when I last left off, the pink and white quilt was in the binding phase. I'm happy to report that it was finished on time, packed up and sent off. I am even happier to report that it was a big hit, and hopefully it will be loved for many years to come. While it was originally not something I was that into (only because it was not colors/fabrics I would typically chose), I ended up loving it. It is very sweet and precious and pure. Perfect for a 1 year old baby girl. There it is ready to go on the right.

Underneath it, you can see the pieces of a new project I'm working on. This is top secret and I've already almost blown the cover to bits numerous times. I've finished the top. Just waiting for the bottom pieces to arrive. I'll be sure to have pictures when I'm finished.

There is another quilt finished and in the dryer right now. I didn't pull it out last night. It should be on its way to the recipients in a few days, and then I will post pictures. I'm sure no one who matters (in regards to these items) reads this blog, but you never know, and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I've got another plan in the works, again top secret, for a little man's birthday coming up. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember his EXACT birthdate, even though I came to the hospital that very day. But what are dates, anyway? Hopefully I'll get the fabrics this weekend. I came across this tutorial, and I really want to try it. Especially considering the failure that was Roy. G. Biv.

I also bought a template/kit/pattern for a Double Wedding Ring quilt. Queen sized. I'm sure it will be a massive project, but the plan is to make a quilt for our bed. And I will do it as I have time, with no deadline. Once the template is delivered, and I figure out how much fabric I need, I will be choosing fabrics, yay! Any suggestions are welcome. My bedroom is painted a greyish sea grean sort of color. I think it gives me quite a bit of wiggle room color-wise.

One other thing for now. I will be putting up a poll regarding what to do with the earnings from the pink and white quilt. Your input will be appreciated.

23 March 2009


I had a semi-productive weekend. I completed two bags for the shop:

I think they turned out rather well. The first one has no interfacing, but I really prefer the extra bit of structure that some medium weight interfacing gives, so I used that on the second bag. The second is definitely my favorite. That might also have to do with the Vintage Dots print.

I'm trying to really use up what I have before buying too many new things (though I did buy some Jay McCarroll fabric last week). I have enough to probably make 5 more bags without really buying anything else.

In non-shop news, I am almost finished with my sisters bag, photos coming soon. I think it's a bit large, and it is not perfect, but it was a tricky, and new, style for me. It isn't bad though. I've also started on a dress for her. I'm not sure how difficult it will be. I started last night when I was tired, but I think that since it is a new thing to me, and requires some precision, I should do it when I'm more alert!

The commissioned quilt is in the hand sewing the binding phase, and will be done soon!

As a side note, this sewing as a second job thing is a great way to get out of housework!

20 March 2009

Here we go.

Yesterday, our first item in the shop sold! Very exciting. It gives new impetus to really get things done.

In the line up, as I've already discussed are a few projects. I'm letting the quilt for the family member rest for a bit. I really love it, and thus, really love working on it, but I've got a few months before it needs to be done, and more pressing work to be finished.

So, on tap: three tote bags this weekend, and up in the shop by Monday. For real. And to get the pink and white quilt finished, or at least get the binding attached so I can work on the hand sewing portion next week.

I'm not going to go into anymore lists. These things are more than enough to keep me occupied. And I must remember that this sewing thing is a job, that will potentially bring money in, so it is important to do it. It is not wasting time. I think I'll run by Joann's after work to get a few things for the bags, and then that's it.

Oh. And I also bought some adorable fun fabric to make some bags. They may be a bit off the beaten path, but are absolutely adorable, and voted for by a couple of people in a private poll.

19 March 2009

Spring Break Happenings

Things have been happening. I had three days off in a row for spring break (and a furlough day) and spent much of that time quilting and sewing. I should have been doing all those other things I meant to do, like clean up the yard, wash the windows, scrub the floors. I didn't though. I'm rationalizing it by saying that it was my vacation. And the weather was so crappy it didn't really put me in a happy, get to cleaning sort of mood. Oh yeah, and the part where my husband's car was broken into and his window was smashed. That really threw me off track.

Regardless, I did accomplish some things. Almost finished a quilt (just hand sewing the binding) for a family member (remaining vague here as to not ruin the suprise just in case). Finished a quilt top for a friend of the sister (that I'm getting paid for!). Halfway done with a tricky bag for my sister. And. Hm. It seemed like more when I was doing it. Though I guess these things take time. That and I didn't sit home all day every day and sew.

And, in really exciting news, the other half of two clever girls posted a couple of items in our shop. We're up and running! Check it out in the sidebar!

One other thing. I'm venturing into the world of sewing clothing. I picked up this book, Weekend Sewing, which I may have mentioned before, and have purchased fabric to attempt a dress/beach cover up for my sister. I'm a little nervous, but excited that it might work out. I hope she likes the fabric I picked out.