05 March 2009

I love quilting.

I really love quilting. Sure, some parts of it are tedious. Some take more precision than I have patience for. Like Roy G. Biv.

But I've completed 3 so far, in a relatively short amount of time. And they've turned out rather well. and the last 2 will be for sale. I'm somewhat reluctant to hope someone will actually buy them, but you never know.

I've got several more projects in the works, and should be able to nearly complete them with the things I already have. One to sell, for sure. Another one that is almost finished but my machine and I weren't getting along so I have to take out all the quilting and start over. A third for a baby on the way. One for myself, and maybe one more for someone special. I'm being intentionally vague here.

I think that while I love the free motion thing, I might try out a straight stitching technique and see how that goes, and I think that in certain circumstances, the structure of straight lines might be more fitting.

In non-quilting news, my mother bought this book for me last night. I'm going to try a few things out. Clothing is something I haven't done yet, but I'm excited to try. The thought being that if I can put together a whole quilt, shouldn't I be able to master a simple dress?

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