23 February 2009

A bust.

Stupid Joanns.  Why can't we have a decent fabric store somewhere close by?  Why is it that the only easily accessible store to me sucks so hard?  Needless to say, I didn't get what I needed.  I bought some sashing fabric, and some backing fabric.  I even took my fabric in with me.  The blue sashing?  It looked pretty decent in the store.  But I got home, and after nursing my stupid jaw, I decided to lay things out to see how it looked.  It looks like crap.  It looks ok with some squares, but with others, it's a total clash.  I thought maybe I could reverse the backing fabric (a tan khaki), but it's just too blah for the front I think.  Grr.  

So now, what will I do?  I guess the quilt is on hold for now, until I can make it to another Joann's.  I guess I could order something online, but I'm nervous about that.  Though....  I might check out the collection and see if anything catches my eye.  

I guess I will start on another project.  I've got two or three waiting in the wings.  

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