30 July 2008

Sweet Victory

The pillow is finished.  After closer inspection of the hand sewn closing seam, I decided to just leave it for now.  If the poor thing falls apart, I will fix it then.  My perfectionist tendencies cause me to re-do things over and over until they turn out worse than they were in the first place.  I'm pleased with it over all.  The next one will be better and the sense of accomplishment I have is motivation enough.  I'd start on another one tonight, but I don't have enough material to make the pillow lining.  Anyway.

Things I learned tonight:
  • Less is more when it comes to pillow stuffing
  • 5 inch doll maker's needles are scary
  • Tufted 25 inch pillows are not that hard to make
  • It's fun to cover buttons.  You should really try it.
If I had someone to cut the fabric for me, I'd plow through these like nobody's business.  Unfortunately, I am not at a point where I can afford employees for my hobbies.    

This picture is not the best, perhaps a better one will come soon.  But there it is.  My pillow.  Not too shabby for the first one, don't you think?

On a slightly different note, I bought lining for my future drapes today.  If the fabric I want ever goes on sale, my living room will get a face lift, and my new pillow will have a new home.

1 comment:

the baron said...

i love the pillow!
do you do dog beds?
and, can you show me how to make one?
and, can you show me how to cover buttons?