03 August 2008


Well, I'm back from the wedding, which was lovely, everything went off without a hitch.  Bride and Groom are very happy people, and will soon leave for their honeymoon.  In 4 hours to be exact.  But I'm not here to talk about weddings, or events of the weekend.  

This afternoon, having returned from Gettysburg tired, achy and slightly hungover, while my other half was taking a nice long nap, I began my gumdrop pillow project.  I'm making the ottoman to be exact.  It's not a simple project, in my opinion, but not so complicated that I can't tackle it.  Right off the bat, though, I made a mistake.  I could blame it on my lack of sleep (no rest until 4am this morning due to drunken antics in the room next to mine, friends who I abandoned around 2am, after convincing my husband, rather easily, to shut the adjoining door and come to bed), or the several vodka tonics I drank at the reception the previous night, but if I'm being honest, my mistake was due to my inability (adamant refusal) to read directions properly.  As a result, I wasted close to half of my first fabric by marking it wrong, and then cutting it wrong.  Luckily, I realized my mistake rather quickly, and cut out the pattern correctly.  

I know how have 4 panels sewn together, thus I have half of the pillow cover completed.  

I need some additional items if I want to continue much further.  I was looking forward to a trip somewhere with my mother tomorrow, but alas, she is sunning herself on the shores of Jersey.  I will not even try to hide my jealousy.  Perhaps I will try to go sometime this week after work if I am so inclined, and if it does not conflict with the possible raiding (in a good way) of the newlyweds' recently acquired apartment.  

At any rate, as is my usual m.o., I already have more projects slated.  My drapery lining should be arriving by Monday, and hopefully I will encounter some affordable as well as acceptable fabric for the drapes.  I also decided on the drive home, as I was reflecting on the events of the previous two days, that I will make a quilt for the new couple.  Perhaps overly ambitious, as well as a little late.  But I think they will appreciate it.   I should be able to do it affordably and simply.  

Wish me luck.

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