12 August 2008

This is not for me

So, I pulled out my quilt-to-be last night after dinner, and tried to start quilting. By hand. It's not working. First, I developed the worst hand/elbow/arm cramp of my life, and it ruined my night. I can't get a good angle on the fabric. I can't keep my stitches straight. It looks like crap. It made me angry. If this is the way I have to go, then I'm not doing it. It's too frustrating, too awkward, too much of a pain in the ass.

So, I'm going to try the machine quilting route. I don't know that my machine is the best to do this, but it's gotta be better than my hands. I'll have to make a stop at Joann's, but hopefully it will be well worth it. We'll see.

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