05 August 2008

The Wedding Quilt

I am in the planning stages of making my belated wedding gift quilt. In researching wedding quilts and their traditions, I came across this story. I think it's safe to say that if this were the case when I was getting married, I would have been a lonely old spinster.


I've been doing some research to see if I can find a more traditional pattern. I would love to do something like this; however, I would never finish it. Not with the low level experience I have. Perhaps by the time my children get married I'll have the knowledge, ability, and time to create something like that.

In researching, I am finding a wealth of information on the traditions of quilts. It seems many stories are just myths, but all the same, quilts, for me at least, signal a connection to the past. It isn't rare for families to have quilts passed down for generations, or to go to a small community rich in tradition, and poor in modern day infatuations with television and malls and fast-paced living and find a rich quilting community, rooms of quilts from one hundred years ago, and craft shows with many different quilts on display. I don't know. I just like that feeling of connection to the past, and perhaps, connection to the future. The idea that quilts can be everlasting pleases me. That I can make a quilt for someone, and they will hopefully have it forever and will perhaps give it to someone else makes me happy, makes me feel connected.

This is sentimental. I get that. But it's ok. Quilting has been around for a very long time and there must be a reason why. I also would like to give a piece of myself to these friends. Friends who I know would appreciate and treasure it. Even if they do spill beer on it or let their future children use it as a tent. That's what will give it it's character.

At any rate, I'm not going to be creating anything elaborate anytime soon. I will stick with my 10" blocks to make a smallish throw for tv watching. I'm not sure I can even quilt something completely plain and unfancified. I do, however, know that I lay in bed at night going over and over directions I've read until I figure it out. I think I understand now how the binding works. At least in theory. And that is an accomplishment.

Here's hoping that I have enough money this weekend to go to Joann's and get what I need.

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