07 August 2008

An Expensive Hobby?

I went to bed last night, turned on the tv as I usually do, and in flipping through the channels, landed on HSN. The Home Shopping Network. I, like I'm sure many people do, occassionally get hooked on one of their sales pitches. My favorites are when live demonstrations fail. But I digress.... I came across their Singer Sewing hour. They were showcasing a machine, a sewing machine that could do everything a normal sewing machine could do. But! This can do more, much more. It is an embroidery machine. It connects to your computer. You can create all kinds of designs, text, etc. Whatever your heart desires and your computer can make! It was on special for 799.99. HSN sells it regularly for 999.99. It is close to 1200.00 retail. But it does so much!

It's easy to get sucked in. I watched for 20 minutes as those two women talked, and the machine sat there stitching away. They didn't even have to stay near it, didn't touch it, didn't check it. They were making an apron that said "Diet is a four letter word." Cheesey. I'm thinking about how I don't have 800 dollars for a sewing machine, but wow, isn't that cool? Then I snapped out of it. I'm not going to make aprons with cheesey sayings on them. Or stitch flowers on the lapels of old-lady sweaters. Or make monogrammed towels for bridal showers. OR stitch flower patterns on suits or jeans to get "boutique quality" clothes. I don't care how much that crap costs at a boutique, I still wouldn't wear it.

Instead, I will spend my money on things that will actually benefit me. This list for the quilt (so far):
  • 2 yards of coordinating fabric (1 yd of each)
  • 4 yards of solid color for backing and binding
  • batting
  • 1/4" quilting foot
  • template plastic
  • quilting thread
  • size 8 quilter's needle
  • safety pins
  • glass head straight pins
  • washable fabric marker

That's what I have so far. Those are the for sure purchases. Looks like I'm able to spend plenty of money on my own without having to throw in that embroidery machine.

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