11 August 2008

Backing and Batting and Quilting, Oh My!

So, as you may have already read, I finished the quilt top. It looks rather nice, too. Not perfect, but close enough. Especially for my first actual completed quilt top.

As for the rest of it, I cut out pieces for my backing, sewing them together. That's finished.

Then, disaster struck. I am apparently an idiot, but the bag of batting said it was washable. I guess they meant AFTER it had been put between something. I thought I should wash mine before it went it to prevent shrinkage later, thereby destroying my quilt. Big mistake. The washing machine ruined it. Maybe I'm an idiot, and this is something everyone else knows, but at least I'm admitting it. So at 5:30, I made a mad dash for Joann's and was luckily able to replace it without much hassle at all.

After that was taken care of, I added some personal details to the quilt. First, an embroidered monogram (ok, they were iron-on letters, but they look embroidered). This took longer than expected because I enlisted the eye of my husband and he tends to be painstakingly accurate when it comes to details like this. Then, I turned my attention to the backing, to sew a small inscription. It turned out very nicely.

I also assembled (attempted to assemble) the quilt. I didn't have a great surface and at this point I was tired and hungry, and SO over quilting that I didn't take my time, and I abandoned it. It's for the best really. Otherwise I would have ruined it.

Oh! I also measured and marked my lines for the actual quilting part although after some though on the possible complications, I'm going to be changing my pattern.

I think I accomplished a lot, though, so I don't feel so bad that I didn't power through that last hour. This quilting business really isn't all that bad if you have a little time and the right tools.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

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