13 August 2008

On Hold.

The quilt has been put on hold. Not forever. Not even for a long time. I'm waiting for some new hardware to be delivered, so that I can give this machine quilting thing a try before I ruin all of my fingers, or the entire quilt.

It's gone to the new sewing closet (that I'm very pleased about), along with all of my other frequently used sewing items. In cleaning the house last night, I was looking for a convenient and tidy spot to stowe it all without having to return it to the basement. I need to do a little cleaning out and reorganizing of that closet. I think most of it will go to the Salvation Army, actually.

This is all for the best really. This weekend will be a busy one, what with 3 friends moving and the grandparents coming to town, the CBFBB's Elvis tribute and various other possibilities, I need to get my house cleaned before the dawn arrives on Saturday.

So far, I'm making good progress.

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