04 August 2008

Side Projects

I made two coasters last night. They aren't anything fancy. Just a 5.5" x 5.5" square with the ends folded over 1/4" twice. I hand sewed them. The machine wasn't doing it. I probably need a different presser foot or something. And after almost sewing my finger to the stupid coaster, I decided it was small enough to hand sew, and so I did. They actually aren't bad for being a quick project.

I'm planning on giving them away.

I've come to a tough point in the gumdrop pillow. I don't understand the pattern directions to attach the two halves to make a whole pillow cover. I'll get back to that when I have patience to deal with that.

In the mean time, I'm planning the quilt. I was originally planning something more complicated, but I'd rather do something relatively simple and straightforward so that I'll be more likely to finish, so that it will look nice, and so that it can be done quickly. I'm thinking something like 8", 10", or 12" blocks with a nice border. That won't take too long. I'd like to monogram it too. But I might have to just use iron-on letters if they don't look too cheesy.

I feel like I'm really hitting my stride, and I'm learning a lot already. Most importantly that sewing is not cheap, BUT, the cost of buying all this stuff would surely surpass the cost of the raw materials. And sure, I'm spending my free time doing this, so from an economic perspective it's probably not paying off. But I wouldn't be doing much of anything anyway, so why not be productive, right?

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