14 January 2009

Fabric Fabric Everywhere.

I'm going crazy with the fabric. The new sewing room, while not quite up and running has given me a whole new sewing fever. I guess because it means that I don't have to worry about setting up and cleaning up every single time I need to do something else. And because I can shut the door and not have to worry about the kittens getting into everything. And because there is a tv in there so I can watch whatever while I sew instead of being stuck at the dining room table. And because I will be able to have things organized in a way that makes sense and is easily accessible.

So, last night I went to JoAnne's (they're having a BIG sale) and bought some things to try out. I also got very irritated because Fabric.com was having a 50% off sale on their designer fabrics. There were a bunch I wanted. And for 4 bucks a yard. I was SO excited, until I realized that the slight was running so slow that I had no chance at getting what I want. By the time my cart loaded, the selections I had made were no longer available. I guess every fabric enthusiast out there saw that email and jumped on it. Oh well. It isn't like I needed it or anything.

I did happen upon another website though, www.fatquartershop.com and am drooling over many of their fabrics. I keep filling up my cart, then abandoning it. I'm trying to make a decision, and I will eventually. I think my goal is to have some stuff stored up so that when I get the whim to work on something, I have fabrics to work with without having to go to the store. Especially since my new favorite store is just far enough away that it isn't quite convenient for a quick run, and my new favorite store also puts the closest-to-me store to such utter and complete shame that I may never step foot in there again.

I also called up some company that may be based in Washington state and ordered, over the phone, a feed cover plate so I can try out that free motion quilting stuff. Ordering it over the phone makes me feel like it's a different era. Much like sewing does. I guess it's fitting, then, isn't it. On the plus side, the part only costs 1.50, and shipping 3.50, so sometime next week I should have it, for the small price of five dollars.

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