06 January 2009

Where's my freaking iron?

So, I made something last night. Well, most of something. A tote bag. It's not as intricate as thte one the baron made. This is simpler, not as nice, but all the directions for the other one were driving me bonkers. The directions for this one were also a bit confusing, but I powered through, and the result was not awful. I thought it was pretty bad, but Jack insisted that it was pretty good for my first try.

Also, I really needed an iron. It would have helped immensely with the construction of this bag. Ours must be lost somewhere in the cavern that is our basement. Anyway, I powered through and did my best. I figured even if I messed up it would be good practice. Plus now I know what I'm doing, how it goes together, etc., and the next one should be a breeze. I still need to attach the handles. I ran into a snag, litterally when attaching the first side of the first handle. I think maybe there were just to many layers. I think I need to look into that mitering corners thing a little bit more. But here are pictures for your enjoyment and/or critique.

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