28 January 2009

I'm Addicted

I don't know what to do with myself, people, honestly. I'm constantly making trips to the fabric store, browsing online, and falling in love with fabrics left and right. I'm going to go into horrific debt over it if I'm not careful. So, starting today, yes, today, because last night I bought some more fabric, I am putting myself on hold. I have about 2.5 projects in the making, and I'm going to finish those before I get started on anything else.

So, in the days since I've posted, I made a bag, which is a hit, I think. I think the pattern may need a little tweaking, like the party where it's supposed to be a cross body bag, but the handle isn't quite long enough to make that possible.

I've also started on the baby quilt. I've made and pressed 12 blocks so far. I think I have another 13 to go. Everything is cut and in piles, which makes it so much easier. I tend to get ahead of myself, and get excited, and end up making things more complicated than they need to be, so I'm trying to do every thing at every juncture before moving on. It's going quite nicely so far. And I've got all of my supplies so that makes live easier as well. It's so much better to have a pattern and a plan, it really is.

I've figure out, mostly, the free motion quilting thing as well. It isn't so hard when you have the right parts for your machine. Imagine that! The darning foot I got is a universal one though, and I think the model specific one would be best. But that is $25 and so I'm making do with the $5 part right now. I've have pictures of most, if not all, of these things, and will post at some point in the near future.


One other note. The sewing room really is fabulous. It's great to keep everything in one place and not have to put everything away come dinner time. Or worry about kittens sitting right were you wish they wouldn't. The thing that makes it really nice is that it's cozy and it's MY space. It was so lovely to sit there yesterday afternoon, watching the snow come down while I sewed. Really lovely.

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