12 January 2009

Getting Where I Want to Be

So, Saturday the bed came out of the guest room. It's leaning precariously against a bookshelf and a table right now in the basement. We'll figure out something to do with it later. I went to the paint store, and picked some paint, Behr 490B-Sea Life. It's some color, and probably not for most people, but I love it, and it makes me happy. I only put up one coat, partly because I'm lazy, but also because it doesn't seem to need it. Maybe some touching up in a few places, but that is it. I painted the ceiling ultra pure white, but ran out of paint. It needs a second coat, I think, and I need to paint the doors and the trim. Then the table from downstairs will come up. As I was working on my sewing project last night, I was thinking of all the ways I can organize, and how lovely it will be when everything has a place, and I am not blindly jamming my hand into a box filled with loose pins. That's never pleasant.

Anyway, I was going to do the last of the painting last night, but I got stuck on another project.

I started at around 5pm, and worked almost straight though until 1am, pausing briefly for some dinner my husband brought home. I totally neglected him last night, as well as all of the other much needed chores, but oh well. I'm very tired today. I think I had too much caffeine last night, and then got stuck obsessively on the project. I made a few mistakes, like, the machine wouldn't work for the longest time, so I decided to finally check the manual, and it turns out I put the new needle in backwards. Then the tension was off. But finally I got it all down and it wasn't so hard to do. I also made some other stubborn mistakes. The kind where you think you're doing something easier, and that will save time, but in the end it takes you way longer than doing it the "correct" way? Yeah, I probably lost about an hour to just that.

I'm being intentionally vague right now as this was made for a friend, as a better Christmas present than the one I orginally got for her. Thus, I cannot divulge too many details until it is in her hands. But, it's gotten rave reviews so far, so she better like it. And if she doesn't, she can go eat dirt. Ha!

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