07 January 2009

Progress, but no Iron.

So, I got into the basement last night and did some organization. I talked to J about rearranging the rooms in the house to be more useful. Case in point: We have a small bedroom that is currently being used as a guest room. It has a dresser in it and a double bed. Now, guest rooms are always a cute idea, and I guess functional if you actually have guests who need a bed. Being that almost everyone that would stay at our house (barring unusual circumstances) is local, the guest room really seems like a waste. In the last year it has been used maybe 2 or 3 times by my sister, once or twice by my cousins, and for a few days by us while we painted the bedroom.

So, my sister only stays as a novelty, not out of necessity, and not frequently either. I love it when she stays, but does she really stay enough to warrant a whole double bed in a spare room that could be used for so much more? I feel sorta guilty about it, but there are also two sofas. And I don't feel one bit guilty about my cousins (should they stay again) sleeping on the sofa. I actually think they prefer it. Any real out of town guests will just have to take the sofa or stay in a hotel. How about that?

Although, we might just make one of the basement rooms into a guest room type area. The bed may not be going anywhere except down a flight. And now I can start planning my craft room! I'm very excited about this, and J has agreed that it makes sense! I am so excited I can barely stand it. Too bad the budget isn't in any shape to start working on it. But I am.

And although this is a sewing blog, because this room will allow me to work more effectively, I am going to keep my ideas here. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm thinking I could get started as early as this weekend! Move the bed, clean out the closet, and maybe I can swing a can of paint. Something bright and fun! What do you think?

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