06 January 2009


Well, thanks in part to this website, and to the baron, and to this sudden burst of beginning-of-the-new-year energy, I've got some ideas. Obviously all of this should, and will, take time, but I'm trying to be more patient this year with myself and with the world around me. I'm going to just rattle off some of the plans that I have so as to remember them.

  1. Find Iron (and organize back room in basement in the process--including all of my craft/project stuff)
  2. Work on a project or technique every night, like handles, mitering corners, binding, applique!
  3. Use up fabric I have as much as possible before buying new stuff.
  4. Decide about/discuss turning guest room into a guest room/sewing room (or find a good place to set up where I don't have to put everything away every night.)
  5. COMPLETE projects. This includes being patient, doing things correctly, and not getting frustrated over mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn!
  6. Plan!
  7. Learn how to really use my machine and get comfortable as possible with it
  8. Make a quilt for a friend (I've got about 2 months)

So, those are my ideas for now. I think they are all pretty reasonable. Here we go!

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