31 January 2009

Tragedy Strikes.

Just when I had gotten ok with the idea of spending my day sewing instead of doing housework, the unthinkable happens.  Ugh.  I'm like, 90% of the way through quilting the baby blanket, and my machine has jammed.  It won't work.  It won't budge.  The wheel won't turn, the parts won't work.  We even took it apart to grease it up and still, nothing.  This is just not at all what I need.  There isn't a service center anywhere near me, so I'm trying to find another place.  I'd like to just go buy a new one, but seeing as how the cheapest one (which I'm no longer interested in) is at least $100.  I would like to just take the stupid credit card and buy something else.  Something better, and something that is new and will work. 

This is crazy talk, obviously.  So now I'm off to brainstorm and also to see if I can find a place close by that will fix my machine.  Of course, I'm sure that anywhere that will fix it will not be open past 4pm on a Saturday, and not at all on a Sunday as the entire sewing world consists of old ladies from 1842.  

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