21 January 2009

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

I never really understood what that meant...like, where it came from. I get the whole take your time and do it right idea behind it, but this weekend I really understood it literally. See, I was working on shades, and my usual m.o. is to rush things, dive right in, be lazy and hope for the best. But that really costs me a lot of time when it comes down to it.

So, I took my time with this shade. I pinned everything nicely, and I made sure to press where I needed to. I sewed evenly. And it paid off. Sure, there were some snags. Like when my bobbin freaked out on me and I didn't notice until I had sewn a whole row. I think that the shade turned out ok, though. Not great, but ok. Especially for my first try. I still need to rig up the hardware and cording, and then I'll post pictures. I'm working on another one for the dining room now, and am trying a slightly different (and easier in the fewer-steps way) to see how it goes. The tricky part is that I'm trying to hang them inside of the window frame, which means measuring and cutting needs to be pretty precise.

I've also purchased fabric for a baby quilt. Knowing me, I probably won't want to give it up, but I'm hoping that this will go smoothly and I will master it, and then won't mind parting with it, as it will be easy to do again. I purchased a tutorial from oh, fransson! and it's lovely because it has tons of step by step instructions AND pictures, which really help me a lot. The picture to the left is the fabric collection I've chosen, from the Farmers Market fabric collection designed by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller. I think it's feminine without being babyish, with a hint of funky sophistication. I've picked white cotton chenille for the backing, and some orange with white polka dots for the binding.
Wish me luck!

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