18 January 2009

Some New Fabric and Some Paint

I've been rather productive this weekend, and the beauty of it is, I still have 2 more days off.  I'm resisting the temptation to run off and do things like shop and have lunch.  I want to, very badly, but I'm trying to make use of the little time I have.  

Saturday I made what was probably my fifteenth trip to JoAnn's this week.  I went with a friend, and because they were having a sale figured that it made sense to stock up for cheap.  

I picked out some fabric for the shade in the craft room.  I'm going to attempt a Roman shade.  We'll see if I get around to that these next two days.  I picked out the fabric not having a swatch of the paint color, and think I did alright.  I went through several ideas leading up to the actual picking and purchasing of the fabric, and in the end, what I picked was nothing I had imagined.  There's nothing unusual about the fabric, it's not like that.  It is striped with blues and greens and yellows, and while not an exact match will do just perfectly.  I'm very excited about it, actually.  

My husband is currently touching up the edges and corners as I have no skill for that, and then the painting will be finished.  Then I can get on with the rest of it.  I was going to paint the table but I think that instead of ruining it without knowing if it will work out, I will just leave it as is for now and decide about that later.  

Now I just have to figure out how to arrange the place.

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